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So i post on this site, and the guys there are really cool. It's a sci-fi movie film fan site with news and boards. Anyways, the boyz there are really cool and have been supportive and excited about this project as I've shared news with them. One guy Mitch just asked me for some details about the process and I thought i'd just repost my answers to him here for you folks! check it out!

Mitch said, "That's great news, Mark! How long did the whole process take? Did you have a decent sized army of people to work on it with you to get it done?"

thanks Mitch and all you members for the feedback. you guys were one of the first film fans that I've shared this material with. Before that, i was just posting with other filmmakers (some of which get really competitive and/or bitter!)

anyways, to answer your question, the whole process took about two years from script to final audio mix (which was the last stage). I guess it could have taken shorter, but after i wrote the script there was a period of, "Should I even try to make this?? Am I insane??"

as for the "team"- there weren't too many ppl involved because I couldn't afford too much help. Only where I knew next to nothing did i actually negotiate heavily and save up money to pay people. I knew nothing about how to design and animate 3D models and I knew nothing about how to do sound design and mixing. So those were areas i had to just work and save, work and save, until i could afford some talented help. So anytime you see a flying ship, that's the 3D team. I could only afford 12 individual shots of 3D work.

I did end up teaching myself how to use After Effects and refined my photoshop skills do to the 2D effects in the film - that includes muzzle flashes and shell casing ejections for way too many machine guns, digital squibs for when people get peppered with bullets, and wire removal for props on sticks that were supposed to be flying around and stuff.

Most of the stuff I'm describing here you can see glimpses of in the trailer...

oh one more thing...the other thing that i only barely pulled off was building the set for the interior of the flying ship...i've got zero construction skills (i'm more of computer geek wink.gif if anyone's interested in how that was done, i have a video of it here:

thanks again for the support. I really, really appreciate it! Hopefully it'll still exist after Tai reviews the film!!! [Tai's the site owner for x-realms - mc]

Argh, two years of work is about to be judged by anyone and everyone who sees it!!! I'm trying to grow thick skin!


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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