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Rey Oliver Bune (Specialist James Lee) is from Cherry Hill, NJ and has studied at George St. Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ and TVI Studios and the Simon Studio in New York, where he performed as 'Valentine' in "The Two Gentlemen of Verona". Oliver has been in several independent films, most recently playing the lead in the film, "Encounters", which was submitted for the film contest and selected as one of the top 20 movies. He is also part of the Rising Sun Performance Company, performing in the play, "Hellcab", in November and December.
Anthony Arbaiza (Chavez) is originally from West New York, New Jersey. He was trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre and Film in New York City. Anthony has been a part of several productions in and out of the New York City area, including an original musical "Pickles and the Junkman's Daughter" as Razor as well as "Hamlet" as Hamlet at the Park theatre. He has been involved with many student films at NYU and Columbia. Anthony is currently attending Wagner College on Staten Island.
Nathan Faudree (Major Huron) grew up in a very small cow town in upstate New York. He escaped several years ago and has been making his way as an actor in the big city ever since. He can be seen in the upcoming movies, "Hunting Season", and "The Shreiking". He spent the summer playing Bigfoot in "Holler Creek Canyon", a movie in which he had the distinct pleasure of killing Ron Jeremy. He is also a playwrite and can be seen in his current production of 4play, with the theater company "trip." He has officially been dubbed "The next Bruce Campbell", by Crazy Ralph Films, and was a runner up in the "Master of Horror" competition for Arrow in the Project Greenlight says that he,"deserves his own sitcom." Most importantly, he has an unhealthy fascination with monkeys. Visit Nathan's website!
Einar Gunnar (The Diplomat) After an illustrious career as a Creative Director in advertising, with numerous award-winning TV commercials under his belt, Einar [pronounced: AY-nar] decided to see what life is like on the other side of the auditioning table. It's scary. Yet thrilling. Einar has acted in several short films so far, ranging from various supporting roles to a lead, and he finds it easy to fit into the filmmaking process, given his experience shooting commercials. Speaking of, Einar would love to be cast in a TV spot. Or three. The lad is also knee-deep in training and is currently taking several acting and voice classes with the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts at 12 Miles West Theatre Company in Bloomfield, NJ. When Einar is not auditioning or acting he relaxes behind the control wheel of one of the many airplanes he's certified to fly, as a commercially and instrument-rated pilot. Or tries to finish one of the screenplays he's started. Einar resides in Clifton, NJ, with his wife, dog and two cats. And he is very happy with the opportunity to be part of "Deployment Strategy" (a cool story with all kinds of special effects, green screens, weapons and flying robots) and is excited to portray a diplomat, even if he's a shady one.
David (Captain Dack) is originally from Brooklyn, NY. While working for an investment bank, he began performing stand up comedy at nights as well as studying acting. He has performed in numerous clubs through out the city such as, Stand-Up NY, NY Comedy Club, and Gotham Comedy Club. He has also been in numerous films, including "The Hat, A Love Story", "A Dream Deferred", and "My World." He currently resides in New York, continuing to pursue his acting career.
Brianna Shaughnessy (Willie) is originally from Tampa, Florida. Back home where its warm, she did everything from Community Theatre to T.V. Productions. Yet realistically she knew she would have to let go of her palm trees and replace them with taxis in order to pursue her career. So Brianna moved to the Big Apple over three years ago to attend The School for Film and Television, a two year acting conservatory located in the heart of Chelsea. Since graduation Brianna has appeared on the History Channel Series, "Breaking Vegas." She also got killed off by a lap top computer in an Independent horror film, "Red Midnight," set for release this month. In her spare time she enjoys writing, kickboxing, and of course the movies.
Joe Barbagallo (Warnock) is originally from Connecticut. He graduated form Central Connecticut State University in 2001 with a BA in Psychology. During the last semester of his studies Joe decided to change his minor to Marketing in hopes of pursuing his MBA. At this point his life took a different turn when he was offered a job for the Department of Children and Families, to counsel adjudicated youth. Since acting was his ultimate dream for three years he alternated work with commuting to New York to attend acting classes. During this time he was cast in a lead role for the Briefcase by CrazyWave productions based in Connecticut. This is where he met owner/ director Mario Costa and realized that they shared the same vision. In 2003 Joe joined the CrazyWave team as Co-owner. As part of that team CrazyWave produced 'Into the Light'. In addition to being the co-producer for this film, Joe also carried the lead role. During this time he also started writing screen plays. He co-wrote "Gavin Alexander". While CrazyWave takes a short hiatus due to the fact that Mario is currently in the West Coast, Joe is busy writing another untitled screenplay. Joe belongs to the Film Acting Studio and regularly performs staged readings at the National Arts Club in New York City. On November 28, 2005 Joe is scheduled to perform the stage reading 'The Trip to Bountiful' written by Horton Foote. This performance will take place at The National Arts Club in New York City. Besides acting Joe enjoys kickboxing, watching movies and dancing.
Marleah Martin (the Android) is originally from upstate New York and received her B.A. in Theatre Arts at SUNY New Paltz. While there she performed in several productions including I Ought to Be in Pictures as Libby and As You Like It as Phoebe. After graduation she toured with American Family Theater's production of Sleeping Beauty, and also performed locally in various productions including Pirates of Penzance (Brooklyn Family Theater), Who Murdered Love (Theater for the New City), and Isn't it Romantic (TSI Playtime Series). Along with other former New Paltz students, Marleah formed the Chameleons improv troupe. She also developed an interest in on-camera work and began training at TVI Studios; television and independent film roles followed. In her spare time, Marleah sings and plays trumpet in venues around the city; she also enjoys songwriting, in-line skating, and is very much looking forward to her upcoming hang-gliding trip.
Dmitry (Daniel Richards-The Programmer) was born January, 18, 1991 in Kiev, Ukraine. He wasn't even a year old when his family moved to New York. From as young as 6 years old he was directing and producing his own shows to entertain his parents and two younger brothers. He started to take part in the local theater productions: Injun Joe in Tom Sawyer, Snow Kid in Carousel, and Jenie of the Lamp in Aladdin. At the age of 13 he got picked for his first film How Things Are Made: A Wooden Bucket - The White Cooper's Craft In 1850 (2004) and that was it for Dmitry, he wouldn't want to do anything else but act. Since then he enjoyed being part of cast for "The Picture of Dorian Grey", "Taylor Made", worked on the five short independent films and Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Series the Checkerboard Chronicles "The Nos" as a reckless Goth kid and just had a principal role in the feature film "Beautiful Ohio" directed by Chad Lowe. Feature independent film called "A Book of Truth, A Book of Lies" gave him a pleasure to explore psychological ups and downs by playing a disturbed, manipulative teenager who recently lost his dad and would do anything to keep his mother to himself. Dmitry is constantly working on improving his skills. After taking course at Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, he's got accepted to Performing Arts High School Academy PFAC in New Jersey. He also has training in gymnastics, tumbling and hip-hop dance. Dmitry's IMDB page
Ashley (Ash) is originally from the Endless Mountains of Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Back in PA, Ashley was part of many productions both on stage and behind the scenes including; "The Night of January Sixteenth", "Curtain Going Up"(Sylvia), "Ten Nights in a Bar Room", "The Apple Tree" (Barbara), as well as two children's productions, "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" (Red Riding Hood) and "Alice in Wonderland" (Tweedle-Dee). Ashley was most recently part of the original play "Keep it in the Family" (Jamie), in Queens. Ashley left the wilderness for the big city in August of 2005 and is currently attending Wagner College on Staten Island as an art major.
 Rob Mason (Combat Mech) - Rob graduated from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso Indiana. He received a BA in Communications and had a four full year scholarship for football. Div II. After his freshman year Rob joined a gym, Flip Over Fitness, and the owner liked his look. The owner encouraged him to do a show and that how Rob won his first bodybuilding competition...the rest is history:

  • Natural/Eastern Classic 1993 - 1st Place and Overall
  • Philadelphia Classic 1997 - 1St Place and Overall
  • 1997 USA - 3rd Place
  • Team Universe 1994 - 2nd Place
  • 1997 Nationals - 2nd Place
  • 1998 NJ Gold's Classic - 1st Place and overall

Print Coverage:

  • July 1999 Muscle and Fitness
  • Flex Magazine
  • Ironman Magazine

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