One month of no posts is waaaay tooo looong...


deepest apologies all for not having posted in a while. thanks for your patience! So what's been going on all this time?? here are four quick updates with a renewed promise to have more updates soon!!

So this past month i've been inundated with non-film, other life committments that aren't really worth getting into and if you're here to read about the progress of the film you wouldn't care about them anyway. the only thing I'd mention that is kinda related about the film is that this is what indie filmmaking is like- you wanna spend all your time on it, but the demands and obligations of your life can't be ignored. OK, ok, enough of that boring pontifications!!!!!!! Let's get to some updates!

1) Next month's issue of Student Filmmaker magazine will feature an article I wrote about how the dropship set was constructed for this film. For those of you who have already read about it and have seen the photos here on this site, it may not be anything terribly new, but it's still cool and will help get this project some visibility!

2) the 3D modelling is wrapping up and we'll hopefully have the models sent over to the animation company in Italy that will animate the models over some background plates.

3) The rough cut is 90% complete. I will try to post some more stills when I can!

4) The video blogs are on a bit of a hiatus until I can either find a new volunteer editor or successfully motivate my current one to hurry up! if you're interested and live in NYC/NJ, contact me!!!

5) we're in the process of building a new website for Deployment Strategy. It will be more along the lines of the glossy marketing websites one is normally accustomed to whose goal is generate interest in the story and the completed film. I'll get into this more at a later date to discuss the reasons. Don't get me wrong, i loooove this site and what it's become, but the new site will have a very different purpose as this film comes into its final stage. OK, I promised 4 updates, this was your bonus one!! good night and thanks to you all who've visited and have contacted me with words of encouragement!!!!!



Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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