On set rehearsals, shoot date set!, and costumes on order!!


hey all,

It's all been a blur lately. sorry no posts but it's cuz i had to sleep at some point! We've had a great on-set rehearsal in the drop ship cargo hold (see locations), our documentary filmmaker has begun following us around everywhere we go, our location forced us to move up our shoot date, and our costumes are on a UPS truck somewhere in the US slowly making it's way to NJ!!

Last weekend the soldiers of D9 made their first visit to the dropship interior set where we had a rehearsal. Armando, our new team member, was on site to film it. Armando will be producing some behind-the-scenes featurettes about different aspects of putting this film together.

We also went to visit our new location for the lockerroom sequence where we meet our main character and the soldiers of D9 in their pre-mission preparations. The location looks great, but we lose it come Dec 31st because it will be sold to new owner. That means we had to bump up our shoot date to Dec 17th!!! Hope we'll be ready. If we're not, Armando will be there to capture it all!

Finally, I placed the order for our BDU's... what the heck are they you ask? Well so did I until I spent a while online searching for SWAT uniforms. I finally came across BDU.com which sells Battle Dress Uniforms at a discount! So there you go! and hopefully, I'll get a package soon in the mail with uniforms and boots (which I got off ebay!)

Ok, guys, I'm really tired. Major rehearsals this weekend. We're done with dialogue delivery and on to blocking. It takes longer, but it's great cuz you get to see how the story really unfolds!!



Who Am I and why in the world...
...am i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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