That's right it's free to watch online!! I should have done this a while ago, but i've been busy writing the sequel and enjoying personal time! enjoy!

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Here's the official cast page for the film.


I must cast this cast

Unpaid talent is still talent.
So I needed a cast of 12 for my film and I had no funds to pay them. Dude, that’s no problem! New York City contains the largest pool of actors outside of L.A. I’m not sure if the majority of them are struggling, but I do know that many will work for free in return for a great experience. Working for free is the only way out of the cyclical career dilemma of not being able to find work without experience and not being able to find experience without any work. If you’re open to working for free, then you’ll definitely broaden your horizons. And to hear it from some of the people I’ve talked to, even when you are open to working for free, it can get pretty competitive! So I had no choice anyway look for free work. I ended up being extremely fortunate because I loved the cast I ended up with. They are great people, enthusiastic, professional and talented.

Hey all, Just posted some cast production photos..take a look...

when the film's finally done, maybe I'll convert these into G.I. Joe tech specs with each character's strength...

...yes, yes, I had to include a photo of myself! The guns were just too cool to pass up!




I just fired off an email to my entire cast about next week's shoot...then realized 90% could be repurposed as a director's blog entry! That's making good use of time! It's all about organizing the chaos...i've edited it a bit so that it's fits the blog style..take a look...

Hi all,

Working feverously to get shooting schedule an un-fun board game of matching days with actors with shots�I�m planning to be filming everyday from 9am-5pm on Tuesday thru to Saturday. Monday will be an afternoon shoot.

I'm trying to optimize things so that the actors will be on set the shortest possible time with time spent as efficiently as possible. This can only be done by shooting completely out of sequence which is why it was good that we had a full dress rehearsal that Sunday a couple weeks ago to go over the entire final scene� I also have to make full use of the days the fx team will be on set, as well as the CGI puppeteers.

Just had my first rehearsal last night with, Rob, the combat was awesome. I managed to get us access to the actual set - the warehouse - and we spent an hour working on how the mech moves. We also choreographed a nice fighting sequence where the mech goes beserke and beats everyone up...Things are coming together!!

sorry it's been quiet here for a bit...We're full into rehearsals now and things are going insanely well! I think I must have had some good karma saved up that went entirely to my casting!


So I'm sure every director has his own ways of conducting auditions and rehearsals. ( I've been told that I tend to spend a lot of time with actors during auditions and that I book much fewer actors than most.) For rehearsals, we've spent the first couple times reading from the script and focusing on the actors' delivery of lines. This is also a time where I fill in character back stories and provides answers to the typical question of "What's my motivation?" It was also fun to explain to the actors what some of the techno jargon actually means and how it relates to the story...

Rey Oliver Bune (Specialist James Lee) is from Cherry Hill, NJ and has studied at George St. Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ and TVI Studios and the Simon Studio in New York, where he performed as 'Valentine' in "The Two Gentlemen of Verona". Oliver has been in several independent films, most recently playing the lead in the film, "Encounters", which was submitted for the film contest and selected as one of the top 20 movies.

Anthony Arbaiza (Chavez) is originally from West New York, New Jersey. He was trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute for Theatre and Film in New York City. Anthony has been a part of several productions in and out of the New York City area, including an original musical �Pickles and the Junkman�s Daughter� as Razor as well as �Hamlet� as Hamlet at the Park theatre. He has been involved with many student films at NYU and Columbia. Anthony is currently attending Wagner College on Staten Island.



Finally found my Combat Mech...coool....

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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