So, I’m not a handyman by any stretch of the imagination. My comfort zone is seated squarely in a world where you can just hit undo if you get yourself into a pickle. You have to keep this in mind in order to fully appreciate the situation I found myself in last fall during the pre-production phase of my science fiction short.

hey all, had a productive weekend.

Friday Spent my friday night in a cold, dark, abandoned factory spray painting lockers black for this weekend's shoot. (note to self: spray painting for 2 hours straight makes your index finger numb for 3 days straight)

Saturday The costumes arrived in the mail and the actors at Saturday's rehearsal managed to try them on and they look great! (These are the SWAT BDU's I'm talking about. Battle Dress Uniforms, ok?!)

hey all,

It's all been a blur lately. sorry no posts but it's cuz i had to sleep at some point! We've had a great on-set rehearsal in the drop ship cargo hold (see locations), our documentary filmmaker has begun following us around everywhere we go, our location forced us to move up our shoot date, and our costumes are on a UPS truck somewhere in the US slowly making it's way to NJ!!

Last weekend the soldiers of D9 made their first visit to the dropship interior set where we had a rehearsal. Armando, our new team member, was on site to film it. Armando will be producing some behind-the-scenes featurettes about different aspects of putting this film together.

Cool. so before we sadly mentioned that we lost a location - our locker room which is the first main scene in the film..I'm happy to announce that I think we have a new locker room! I'll be checking it out this weekend and will post some photos..

what else? well rehearsals are going well and, after some delays, i think our effects team will be making a cast of one of our actor's (Einar) head...more soon!

We've lost our locker room location!! It was almost a done deal too..at least I thought so! Anyone in NY/NJ who has a locker room wanna help us out?? Email me!


Lots of updates on this site tonight! Posted Brianna's bio and picture...wow, she's beautiful! Also have Rob Mason's photos up...he is HUGE....I've been working hard on the dropship set which you can also check out..what else? Oh yeah the South Brunswick Post article which we've added in this blog now has links to other sections of the site so that SB readers can navigate around easier..

Just had a great rehearsal this weekend with the gang..things are shaping up!! Costumes are being ordered..oh yeah Einar, our Isreali Diplomat, is going to get his head cast in a mold...We'll film and photograph that too for you all..it's gonna be sweet...

Finally! I've posted a bunch of photos of our Dropship Interior set. This is a major scene of the film where we learn about the socio-political issues of a world where AI is now possible...The set's not completed yet, but there's enough done to show you where we're going with it...Plus everyone keeps bothering me about it so here it is!!!


You can click on the thumbnails below to see a larger version. Just use your back button to come back here to see the rest...

Very Important Lesson: for those novice set designers or poor director/producer types like me--> Don't spray paint in your basement where there's no ventilation!! I learned the very very hard way by almost dying tonight :o

I was working on the set of the dropship interior and went through 3 cans of black spray paint without a mask because.."I just want to get it done fast!!" Boy what a bad move! Everything's ok now, but for a bit it was hazy and I thought the house might explode if the spray paint ozone was ignited by the hot water heater's pilot light...can that happen? Email me if it can!


I'm tired! I spent most of the day working on the dropship interior set! Did you know that one of the best traits for a successful independent film producer is being a good carpenter? I took photos for you but probably won't post them yet until the light at the end of the tunnel is much brighter..but actually it was a good day!


I've been posting actor bios in the casting section and that's also been exciting. We have a table read this weekend. That's basically when all the actors get together usually for the first time to meet each other and read through the script out loud. Will try to remember to take photos of that event too!

It's October already! Here are some screenshots of our video test we did 2 weeks ago. The goal was to test lighting, camera, some visual effects, and the digital "finish". I'm really happy with the results. We'll post more information soon including some video downloads of the fx work. Enjoy!! [Video downloads are posted and can be seen here!!!!]

Hi everyone! It's October already! It's been silent on the blog for a bit, but it's not because there's nothing going on! Here are the results of our camera/fx tests that we shot 2 weeks ago. We're trying to define the look and feel of the film before production begins. I also needed to do some proof of concept fx work for the floating multibodies. Click on the links below to launch sample video (or right click and select save-as) of our work..

[Please let me know if either of these files don't work! Email me in the FAQs section!!]

divx file (right click to save-as)
quicktime file (right click to save-as)

Who Am I and why in the world...
...am i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

Random Image from the Gallery

oooooh! the curtain's about to be raised! The movie's about to start!

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