That's right it's free to watch online!! I should have done this a while ago, but i've been busy writing the sequel and enjoying personal time! enjoy!

Deployment Strategy - chapter 1 of 3 from markcheng on Vimeo.

The other two chapters are viewable after the jump!

boy, i'm going slightly nuts here...I've got three NYC screenings I'm trying to plan and 2 festivals (i don't think i can go to all 3 at this point cuz it'll be so much travel... anways, i'm working frantically to get my dvd packaging and promo items like one sheets and postcards ready for them.

here's the direction i'm headed with the poster...(UPDATED for last time again!!:)

Coolness!, one of the coolest sites for news and forum discussions just gave us some coverage! I've been a member there for a little while (the discussion boards are sweeet) and have been sharing movie updates and getting great support from a nice group of people who love all that is great in life- action, sci-fi, movies, comics, etc. Take a look at the screenshot after the jump or just go to their site now!

Hey all, I wanted to share a bit about our marketing plan going forward. As we enter the final stretch of post-production, the effort to market the film (and this site ;) has already begun. So here's a little update about what we've been doing and what we're planning.

As many of you know, we started this site last year around the Springtime when the script had just been completed. Since then, it's grown as has our audience (thank you btw!). But the purpose of this site has always been, first and foremost, to document and share the process of making Deployment Strategy with friends, family, and film fans. In a lot of ways the site shares similarities with the website which chronicled the making of Peter Jackson's King Kong. What we need know is the Deployment Strategy movie website which will focus more on marketing the film. That site is currently under development and will showcase the movie and its characters as the center piece.

Hey all,

Time for an update! First off- there will be more updates more often from now on. I promise!! In this post- updates on soundtrack, sound mixing, 3D effects, 2D effects, and more!! so read on!

Soundtrack My good friend and music composer, Chris Haigh has been hard at work on the soundtrack. Although we've had some bad luck in making our weekly video conferences - scheduling, computer, and network problems!!- we've still managed to make a lot of progress. Last week Chris sent me his newest compositions in wav file format.

The way we've been working is like this: He lives in England, I live in NJ, so we rely on the internet for correspondence. We'll email each other over night, sometimes he'll catch me while I'm at work and we'll talk over IM. And, when possible, we'll video conference together. That actually is the best since we can talk and gesture, and Chris can hop on his keyboard to play me something, and I can use my hands and facial expressions to convey ideas I can't articulate!

Deployment Strategy gets 5 page article in April issue of Student Filmmakers magazine!

In the magazine that recognizes all filmmakers as perpetual students, we have an article about how one of our sets was built.

The editing process has begun!! We've also just done our own video press junket for the making-of documentaries and some video blogs we're working on!


All video is captured on my PC and I'm in the process of reviewing and logging all the video. Since we shot completely out of sequence, things are all over the place. Everytime I think I have a scene cut together, I realize I have more coverage and cooler angle or performance from the actor(s). I'm assembling the film using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I've tried a couple basic visual effects to make sure I know what I need to know. It's been a while since I've done editing and fx work, and this is by far the largest project I've worked on, so hope it goes well!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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