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One of the benefits of being in the family! With the enthusiastic cooperation and support of Paramount Pictures Promotions department, Deployment Strategy will have 2 screenings next week in Times Square in the Viacom building! Both will be private, invite-only screenings (in compliance with most film festival rules)

CLARIFICATION: FREE FOR ALL VIACOM EMPLOYEES! You do NOT need an invite if you work for Viacom, just show up :D I have invited the whole company which puts me safely within festival rules :D .

Thursday, August 16th at 12:30 pm will be the Viacom Employee Screening for people in the company. Friday, August 17th at 8pm will be the Cast & Crew screening. I'm so psyched for both of them!

That's the poster I made on the left that's hanging on walls all over the office! There's a huge version after the jump too...

yo all,

just added new photo album to gallery. click Gallery in top nav!

Other news? Sound design is starting this week as 3D wraps. new articles on video on the way soon! Festival applications have begun too. hope you're all well!

OK, OK, it looks like some of you guys found your way to the hidden image gallery section I've been quietly building! Good for you. It'll be officially launched soon. I just need to iron out some tweaks..

So for those new to this filmmaking stuff, concept art is created during the pre-production phase to try and capture the director's vision for things - sets, costumes, props, etc - that need to be created for the film. In uber-budget films like Star Wars, there may be a huge team of concept artists with different skill sets that crank out ideas under the director's guidance. So George Lucas may say, "We're going to see Chewbacca's home planet for the first time. I want his Wookie species to live on a non-industrialized planet in the woods. They're technology should be sparse and heavily grounded in wood and organic elements. GO!" And the concept artists will sketch a brazilian ideas for him and Lucas will filter through them with nods and umm's and nah's, and the nods will continue to be refined until the idea fleshed out completely is approved and the concept art becomes more of a blue print for the production/creative team that will realize the idea. So to use the Wookie planet again, the wood-based props and costumes will be made by a prop/wardrobe department and images of the planet and woods may go to the digital art department for digital matte creation. That's basically how it works. Concept art is often thought of as rough and quickly thrown together, but if you've ever seen concept art from Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, your head would explode because it's soooo darrrn gooood. [ best concept artist I've seen! Know of any others? Add them as a comment here!]

Anyway, I didn't have the budget for a concept artist and basically did all the concept art myself for the prop maker, effects team, and 3D designers. Since we were such a small crew, a lot of the concept art was just for myself since I had to do a lot of art department work!! I've included almost all concept art I have here on this page below and have added descriptions for you.

*SPOILER* Alert...fair warning, I'm normally against revealing too much of a film in commercials and stuff for movies, but we indie filmmakers have a steep upward climb. plus, most of my great shots reveal stuff, so I have no choice! (debate this with me if you want by leaving a comment!), but here's the visual effects reel for the film. it contains almost all the fx (a handful aren't done yet)...take a look...

yo it's late! here are 6 visual effects clips that I've done this week.(10 megs, divx) Included here is the expanded scene of the headshot posted earlier this week. more info later!!

Here's an animated gif for you to help you decide if 10 megs is worth the download (is it? oh please)

happy november! I kicked some ice this weekend and banged out another computer interface sequence. This is the 3rd completed sequence of what I'm calling, "interface" sequences. I referred to this one a couple of weeks ago when I started to create some of the assets for it...

Watch the clip! (1.5 megs, Divx)

This sequence takes place in a turning point in the story when we learn more about the programmer and his background. The clip was assembled and animated the After Effects from assets created in Photoshop.

Hey guys,

I've been busy getting fx sequences done and wanted to share one that's pretty complete.

If you're a returning visitor, you may have read my post about the Multibodies , or Chris Haigh's amazing soundtrack work, or maybe you read about how I build a set in my basement of the dropship's interior in SF magazine.

Hey guys,

So here's a sample clip(wmv format) of the programmer's desktop I posted about earlier this week. The footage of the screen was done this past weekend...

...and is shown here with the rest of the live action footage that was shot in January!

some interesting notes about what you'll see:

  1. the footage of the laptop screen was filmed in my computer room (and not the warehouse location).
  2. I filmed this by myself at first - no actors - until my wife decided to help me!
  3. in order to match the action of the hands of the programmer and the diplomat banging on the keyboard, i originally wore the jacket sleeves of each character's costume. My wife ultimately took over the programmer's role. Thanks, jen!!
  4. To get a handheld feel for the camera, i rigged the dvx camera on a belt and wore it around my neck.

Finally, please keep in mind that soundtrack, sound effects, and sound mixing are not done yet on this clip. that'll happen later!!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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