this has been brewing for a while and the contract's actually been signed for about a week! IndiePix, located in NYC, will sell DVDs, download-to-burn and- later this year- rent-to-stream!

hey, i heard last week that we're playing opening night at the 5th Annual NYC Downtown Short Film Festival!! Yay! Finally a screening in our neck of the woods!
From the acceptance email, this festival sounds great as, "audience members, along with our Film Festival committee, are given comment cards and asked to rate each film. The NYCDSFF tallies the results and the highest rated films from each screening will then be invited to participate in the next NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, taking place in May, 2008..."

so we're just getting the first round of movie reviews in. here are samples from our first three!

From Blogger News Network:

    "...DS is a short film that attempts to do cyberpunk right without trying to mess it up like Hollywood. Like proper cyberpunk its short sharp and pointed...This sort of stripped down no-bullshit type of short film makes me think there is maybe a respite from the every damn film has to be a 2 hour epic attitude from Hollywood."

Just got word that Deployment Strategy won "Best Special Effects" at the Indie Fest USA festival in Anahiem, California this past weekend! This follows an earlier win (that i forgot to post) at The ShockerFest for "Best Science Fiction".

Deployment Strategy's official site has now been launched and is selling the DVD!

This press release went out over PRWeb this morning: Science-Fiction Epic Short Film, Deployment Strategy, Now Available in Limited Distribution

Stayed up till 2:30am writing it and getting it done. Yay!!!

Thanks to a partnership with Toy Adventures, Deployment Strategy can now be purchased on through the Toy Adventures Amazon shop! Cooool. so last weekend we launched the official Deployment Strategy website and this week we're on Amazon. The first shipment of DVDs are going out this weekend to fans who purchased online. Do you have yours yet????

If you have seen the movie and want to write an awesome revie

Yes, if you haven't already stolen a peek, launched this morning. Honestly I'm still tweaking it for all the Mac users out there, but the site's 98% functional now for the other major browsers/OS. So check it out. YOU CAN BUY THE DVD THERE!!!!

Hey dudes,

So, the Deployment Strategy trailer has just won Best Trailer of the Month in's Trailer Channel. If you haven't heard of, you should definitely check it out ESPECIALLY if you're a filmmaker or musician.

Hey all, the time for an update is far overdue!! So here goes! In this week's update:
· 2 more festival announcements
· Coming soon: A new website
· Coming soon: DVDs go on sale!
· Film review blitz

let's jump right in!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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