So I thought I'd post this concept art. It's pretty funny...this is the result of a bodyguard that refuses to die until it's head is blown off..At first the soldiers think its a cyborg mech until they realize he's just wearing body armor...

The story revolves around Lee's first mission with D9 as they go to bust a programmer who's conducting illegal software development. The idea came to me when I was coding for a client (I run a consulting business) and pondered on the wisdom of beta testing an application before releasing it into production.

The financial applications I help develop need to be thoroughly tested before being released into production on a website for the world wide web to use..if there are bugs, people complain, the company loses customers and trillions of dollars, and I get imagine a world where artificial intelligence is possible..a gazillion lines of code can program a soul...think of how important beta testing would be!!

So here's a great photo of the warehouse location where the film's final action scene is going to take place.

Why would an Isreali Diplomat want to meet a young programmer in an electronics warehouse in the middle of the night??

Surely they're up to no good!

I just added a bunch of photos in the Props section! Take a look!!

All the soldier gear is being supplied by The Weapons Specialists, located in NYC...The guys supply real guns, non-firing replicas, and all sort of other cool stuff! Their last big project was War of the Worlds which was shot in NY and NJ!! Check it out the gear for Division 9...



This is a progress photo from my talented prop guy, Brian.

In the film, the Multbody's purpose is to faciliate Division 9 by providing elevated covering fire and illumination.

Brian's done an awesome job making them look authentic and realistic!<

Niiiiice!! You may have seen the P90 in the Stargate series, Alias, or the cool anime series, Gunslinger Girl.

The gang at The Weapons Specialists in New York City are providing the weapons and armor for the soldiers of Division 7! These P90s are non-firing replicas.

The Weapons Specialists also rent out real guns (weapons handler required), missile launchers, knives, and basically everything you need for a cool movie!!

Hi all,

Thanks for coming to our site. This is my first of hopefully many happy posts in the evolution of our film. In the coming days, I'll be filling out the content in the different sections of our site and adding photos of developments we've made so far!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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