So i post on this site, and the guys there are really cool. It's a sci-fi movie film fan site with news and boards. Anyways, the boyz there are really cool and have been supportive and excited about this project as I've shared news with them. One guy Mitch just asked me for some details about the process and I thought i'd just repost my answers to him here for you folks! check it out!

Our co-executive producer (and director's wife :D ) has posted an account of this whole filmmaking process from her standpoint! take a look!!

Co-executive producer/director's wife blog - Jan 2006

Since we graduated from college together, directing his own movies has been Mark's dream. At the time, he vowed he would do whatever it took, become a starving artist- but he soon learned that the starving lifestyle was not for him, and definitely not for his wife! So here he was, successful, doing creative work in web development, but still missing something in his life- that something was making movies, and that is how it all began.

Day 7 ..."8 years ago, I was doing the same type of equipment returns on a Blue's Traveller MTV music video shoot as a lowly production assistant. Today, I'm that same PA, but it's my film..."

Day 6

"...I'm totally paranoid about Einar getting my suit messy. I confess to him that he's wearing my favorite suit and he cracks up laughing. Hey, that's low budget film making!"

Day 5

"...My sprained finger has now ballooned into 2 sausage links. Shut your mouth and stop complaining let's go!!!!"

Day 4

"...This morning my brain wakes up but my body refuses to. I have a temporary lapse of sanity where I decide to not go to set this morning and sleep instead..."

Day 3

"Fuck the shield"

Day 2

"...he's 5' 6" and most of my actors are 5' 8". I resolve this by planning to shoot the actors from a high angle pointing downwards and Rob from a low angle shooting upwards..."

Hey all, exhausted can't type, but today we had a great shoot. we filmed the dropship interior scene...will post photos at some point, but you can see the set's construction in the Locations section...the cast was great and we actually wrapped early! will post more later! mc

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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